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In the 90s, the Internet was just beginning to conquer the masses, 
and the web pages of that time were distinguished by their unique aesthetics 
and simplicity.

This was the era when designers and web developers first began 
to explore the possibilities of the web and create simple yet amazing pages.

One of the defining features of 90s web pages was bright colors and high-contrast 
combinations. Background images and gradients were used throughout, creating 
a unique style that many remember with nostalgia.

A time when every page felt unique and experimental.
Text on 90s web pages was typically large and bold, 
sometimes using bright highlighters or flash. Animated GIFs and flickering text 
banners were also in vogue, adding dynamism and playfulness to the online space.

Menus on web pages in the '90s often featured colorful buttons with 3D effects.
Navigation could be complex and confusing, but at the same time it gave the pages 
their own unique personality. An important element of web design at the time was 
emoji and animated icons, which added fun and emotion to the visual experience.

Guest books, where users could leave their comments and animated GIF captions, 
were popular forms of online communication. Although simple and imperfect, 90s 
web pages created a unique sense of authenticity and freedom. It was a time when 
every page was like a postcard, transporting you to the exciting world of the Internet, 
full of experiments and possibilities. Nostalgia for these days remains in the hearts 
of those who first plunged into the virtual space of the exciting and unknown Internet.
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